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325-294mm Brake Systems 5x120 with E38 730i Calipers

With the 325x28mm M3 E46 front brake disc we build a powerfull 400HP ready E30 brake solution with included 5x120 front conversion. The really nice BREMBO calipers come from the smaller E38 models 725tds-728i-730i-735i.

Calipers E38 728i - 735i  BMW Part Nr. 34 11 1 163 757 and 758 (BREMBO Number 205576.01)
Brake discs M3 E46 325x28mm BMW Part Nr. 34 11 282 801 und 802

The brake and the ABS ready 5x120 hub solution make the E30 axles 15mm widther then standard 4x100. 

Wheels should come from the 3er series BMW E36, E46, E90 Z3 Z4 with offset from 30 - 47mm. Picture shows 8x17 ALPINA ET46 from E36 on E30 with 25mm additional distance plates. 

This solution doesnt work with E38, E39, E32, E34 wheels on E30 standard body, but these wheels are ok for Pandem Bunny rocket E30. 

On rear you should work with the E36 323ti compact hubs on standard E30 Suspension to make the 5x120 Conversion. This make 19mm more each side, perfect for the ET35-46 wheels. With my Adapter 294-8B you can mount PORSCHE 986 calipers on the E30 together with 294x19mm discs from Z4 2.5si E85 Series. 

Bremssattel Hinterachse: 
Calipers Porsche 986-987-996 rear, Part Nr. 996.352.421 and 422 
Brake discs Z4 E85 2.5si 294x19mm BMW Part Nr. 34 21 6 794 303

(Also it is possible to make the 5x120 Conversion with the Z4 hubs, which make 2,5mm more each side. Then you should use same ADAPTER 294-8B but with E46 328i Discs: Brake discs E46 328i 294x19mm BMW Part 34 21 1 165 563)

... to the shop offers ...

Description 325x28mm Update incl. 5x120 Conversion on E30 front with E38 730i Sattel
Description 294x19mm Update on E30 rear with Porsche 986 Sattel
Description 5x120 Conversion with Z4 hubs on E30 rear (
Description 5x120 Conversion with E36 compact hubs on E30 rear (


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